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African Heritage Switzerland (AHS) was founded in 2017 by a group of African women living in Switzerland who had the dream and drive of inspiring Africans living in Switzerland by providing a platform for Africans to promote their arts and culture.
This came at a time when many like-minded people felt that globalization has eroded culture in some parts of the world, African culture especially. The culture of a people is their identity as it affords them due recognition. What makes any human society is its culture. There has been the fear of losing the African living culture, especially for those living in Europe, who have developed cultural identities based upon the place they live. They have adopted clothes, ways of speaking, values and lifestyles of other cultures of their choice.
On the premises of this background, the founding members believe that there is a need to develop a progressive platform that would regain the lost organic African community that embodied various art and cultural values, including: Folk songs, folk dances, hut and thatched roofs, handicraft products, an art of life, a way of living, orders and patters of the social arts, clothing and traditional foods, among many other values.
Despite various challenges experienced in developing such a forum, AHS was established with the support of volunteers, partners/ sponsors, and the local administration in Switzerland

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We could not present the African Heritage Switzerland Festivals without our amazing volunteers!
Every year, many people volunteer their time.
Are you also interested in helping?
If so, there are many different ways you can volunteer during our festivals and activities.

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